The mad scientist of music and without whom the album would not be possible, Nico Laget is a production genius, sound engineer, innovator, musician, philosopher, owner of Sweet Spot Studio and co-creator of the album. He is the brilliant weaver of sound, taking the songs we could only hear in our heads and manifesting them on the record. A French Citizen originally, Nico moved to and grew up in Congo before later moving to the United States where he would pursue a career in music production, helping artists realize their visions, and giving them the atmosphere and understanding to reach their fullest potentials. After meeting MUSA and recording a few of his tracks, they would quickly realize their spiritual and ideological connection and begin to plan for a new project. Nico, as another songwriter alongside MUSA, contributes his talents as a well-traveled producer, talented and experienced engineer, worldly composer, arranger, lyricist, flautist, saxophonist, pianist and general lover of music in all its forms.

At the heart and always there to meet the rising sun, MUSA  is a lyricist, pianist, percussionist, guitarist, bassist, singer, native american flautist, (mandolinist, banjo-ist?, banjoer, nope I checked it’s banjoist. Oh also, the ukulele.) and primary songwriter for Ambassadors. He is the man with the plan and a vision for the love and togetherness that only music could naturally and universally achieve. Raised in the capital of the United States, his exposure to different cultures, views, approaches and styles fueled his desire to learn more and meet more like-minded artists and music lovers. College brought him north to Toronto, Canada, while family and friends would welcome him back in Lebanon and Colombia for the holidays and summers. So, travel was common in MUSA's life and as he picked up new experiences and passions like documenting a medicine man in Costa Rica, playing at the Om festival in Ontario, rallying for peace in San Francisco... It was there in California where he would continue to record music and befriend fellow DC-native musician, Raleigh Neal. Soon the sounds of a bigger family would bring him and his wife, Lisa, back to his hometown where Raleigh would introduce MUSA to the owner of DC’s very own Sweet Spot Studio.